Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A new morning

Cleo was looking so cute
looking out the window
but then she turned to look at me...
Still cute however...

When I open the bedroom door
it is my icons that I see.
I have a little table lampada
in the middle and
at times when it is dark
and it is lit
and I open the door
it is so heartening...

I am still waiting to put this icon up;
have two ideas of where it may go...

I love these thick monastery candles.

Various Orthodox books
that I am reading
a little at a time...
the art of prayer
I have been working on for two years or so...

Prayer books and Saints Lives...

When I sit reading
this is what I see...
St. Irene, St. Ephraim...a small
icon of the Mother of God
and a dear friend's wedding blessing
that she wrote from her family...

The icon of the our Lord Jesus Christ
shines out brightly;
those are my rabbits...
from my undergrad days
a good 14 or so years ago now;
wow, how time has flown by...
The Pochaev Mother of God.
That Mr. Husband did a prayer in front of
a copy of this icon
near his old home
one night with a cat rubbing his leg
nearby was a turning point in
our early relationship
as I love this icon very much.
I am grateful for the mercies of God being new
every morning.
It's been a real up-and-down week
and I am hoping for a better day today.
Transitions are usually a bit
hard for me at the beginning and
some days are easier than others.
I am realizing how much I crave the sunlight
and light in the day time.
Prayer helps, reading...
The book by Elizabeth Elliot that
has grief and how to
work through it as one of its
While I understand and fully believe
that I have not lost
what I had in Ottawa
in terms of it is within me
and all the goodness will always exist
because God exists
but it is like I have to pick up
everything again
try again
deal with myself again;
reminds me of what the monk said to me
about a month ago
trying to build a house for one's soul
is not always quickly done
easy and it can be
frustrating as one
seeks to build it.
There is a lot of learning for me
here as I encounter new things
new people,
new ways of being at church
new town, stores and places.
I am really hoping that I manage to
go swimming tomorrow morning.
This may be a small thing
but I am finding I have to start there,
small, small, small.
The library is still closed in this town.
I thought of volunteering at the hospital and
found they are not accepting anyone new
until January.
It is not that I don't have TONS to do at home.
I do.
Like the wedding pictures I still have not gotten to
for various reasons.
Paperwork and other research for our household.
The point is that I need avenues to find
Elizabeth in this new land
and ways to get out of the house and make new connections
build a new life.
These things do not always come easily to me.
But with God things are possible and
His mercy is everlasting.


Michelle M. said...

I can relate to some of what you are going through. When we were married, we packed up and moved halfway across the country to a place where we had no friends, no church, and no jobs (my husband was in seminary at the time). It was a huge transition, but, glory to God, it went very smoothly for us. I pray the same is for you.

Victoria said...

I hope you make it to the pool.

my prayers are with you. transitions are tricky to navigate.


E Helena E said...

Praying for new opportunities, friendships, occasions all in good time. I love seeing the glimpses of your new home, the familiar icons and Cleo all settled in.