Tuesday, November 06, 2012

During Hurricane Sandy - Unexpected 2nd Honeymoon with Mr. Husband

Mr. Husband and I had a whole week
of being home together
because of Hurricane Sandy.
It was wonderful that way,
lots of talks, some long walks,
reading a chapter of the Hobbit at night
with lots of candles.
We did everything at night by candle light,
and the candles did make our living/dining room warmer
at night...

I was determined not to lose food;
thankfully we had a gas oven/stove and could
light the stove top with a match.
I made a simple custard;
it was okay but I hope to learn to make
much better ones in the future.

I had to look through a lot of my cookbooks
to find one that I could even do
on the stove top.
I was really wishing for a skillet-stove top cookbook!
I wanted to bake and did not know how to do it
without an oven.
If any of you know of such a book,
I am all ears!

Thankfully I was very well stocked
with candles.
We cooked by it, read by them,
we warmed by them.
I had a 4 day candle burning in the bathroom day and night
and once we did open the refrigerator
we put our food in the bathtub that we had filled
with cold water before
the hurricane hit.

Mr. Husband valiantly
washed the dishes while I worked
at other things in the kitchen.
We boiled a lot of water
and thank God the water in/from the taps
was never contaminated.

It was beautiful where the candles were
but so dark where they were not.
We moved them around and thankfully
I have an old set of candle holders
brass ones
that are meant to be walked around with
which helped for when we were going from room to room.
We did have flashlights as well...
one of the flash lights we had
(batteries were hard to come by, esp. D batteries)
was especially good and the first day we were out
walking around we
used the flashlight to get food at a local store
that was open but without power.
Many stores when the power was still down
were taking 'cash only'
and Mr. Husband and I were relieved that
we had some on hand.

Our prayer area at night - Mr. Husband and I
both found this beautiful.
The short candles were a gift for my golden birthday years ago
neat vintage candles that were twisted around;
the candle holders they are in are the one I referred to
that were my Oma's.
The tall glass ones at the ends were part of the beautiful gift
from my Ottawa parish this past July.
They were wonderful as they are taller and gave light to
read by...
As beautiful as the candles were
Mr. Husband and I were quite relieved
when the power was restored.
Some people still do not have power because
their houses were too damaged
in the flood
but things are slowly getting better.
Transportation to the City is still difficult;
Mr. Husband's commute was tripled on the way in
yesterday and doubled on the way out.
I had a nice fried chicken and potato meal waiting for him...
Our Internet was just restored late yesterday
which is why I did not blog until yesterday
even though we had power since Thursday evening last.
Not having Internet and also my home phone
was really hard.
I was able to a few little emails and FB status updates
via Mr. Husband's phone but
most things I had to wait on.
It was not totally bad to have to wait
in the sense of trying to loosen the hold the Internet has
but not being able to communicate with people
including all of you
was really hard.
I read Madeleine L'Engle's book
the other side of the sun
it begins with a hurricane;
it is not an easy read but is well written
with themes and explorations of
slavery, guilt, resentment
love, forgiveness
going through grief to get to other side
knowing who to trust
struggling for God and the terrible things
humans do to each other.
I read a long photo-essay on Russia's last Tsar
the sainted Nicholas II
what was published in 1974.
I read parts of a newer book by Elisabeth Elliot
that so far is quite good.
This past hurricane I thought a lot of my
spiritual mother
who died some years back
and who is from the same generation as
Elisabeth Elliot
and told Mr. Husband more stories about my time
at the Bible camp in Connecticut where
I spent six of my summers in my late teens and early
twenties; very formative in my life as a
Christian and becoming more of an adult.
I am still so glad I was able to do a prayer service for her
a few years ago...
I am slowly reading a well-known biography on
St. Augustine of Hippo
and last Saturday over breakfast
Mr. Husband and I enjoyed reading
a Calvin and Hobbes book
and telling Mr. Husband about various things I have
read was one of the enjoyable things
of this past week...
If anything Mr. Husband and I's love grew
in this past week
of stress but also lots of time together.
Being married to him is a great blessing in my life.


margaret said...

The candles do look beautiful but, yes, I can imagine how relieved you were when the power came back. Thanks to God though for the gas staying on! I am glad you are both well through all this.

Dasha D. said...

Now I'm reading two books about Nicholas II and his family. I love to read about them.

E Helena E said...