Saturday, November 17, 2012


So to get rid of Mr. Husband and I's
non-fasting food
(sorry for all those who are fasting,
you can think of me on
Dec 25 when I am still fasting)
today we made milkshakes!


three bananas, lots of vanilla ice cream
and a little bit of chocolate almond milk
(because I did not have chocolate syrup)

For a minute I thought my blender
had died as it was just
not working.
But as you can see
it did work in the end.
And we got to use our fun
long tea spoons
that we got in the bag at the rummage sale
of silver plated silverware!
It was a fun treat...
I put half of mine in the freezer
to have later
as it was a bit too much sugar
for me at one time...
Mr. Husband however had no problem
finishing his at one sitting :)


Matushka Anna said...

LOL, yes, I'm sure we'll all be rubbing it in come December 25th! (c;

Martha said...

Mmmm...they look delish! I ♥ blueberries. I haven't wanted anything cold lately, even ice cream, which I usually love, but just want warm pie, cake with a cup of hot tea.