Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunshine Thursday, Cool on Friday


Blogger appears to be back and running!


I imagine that there was a lot of stress for them

as blogger was down for a whole day,

which in social media these days is like a year.

We of little patience.

God save us.


after that unexpected day of seeing people

trained to help me get a job two years later,

I realized once again that I was caught off guard.

Really I have yet to learn to live as a Christian.

By which I mean that the more rooted a Christian is,

the less likely unexpected correlations and events

will throw them off.

I have much to learn but I am thankful that God's mercies

are new every morning.

Last evening I got news that I do have a second interview

in person sometime next week.


2 years, my friends, of interviewing.

Will this interview be my last for a while?

Really, even when I did have work,

I was still interviewing every year;

my first jobs were temporary contracts,

a year or less.

I have not counted how many interviews and applications I have done.

Applications certainly 100 or more.

Interviews... 20 at minimum in the last years...

Don't you just love this picture?

I do.

It is of my favourite walk to see my beloved

favourite tree

and actually one of my favourite houses.

I realized I must go back again to do some

actual photographs of the house.

Actually it is just the back of the house.

I just love it.



Large Angel white statue with wings,

metal bird shapes in the back yard;

it reminds me of how I thought things would be for me

one day.

You know,

Family, house, eccentric book filled goodness,

not streamlined or at all corporate or minimalist.

No, just full of life,

a place where all would feel welcome.


That is what that house reminds me of.


Yesterday a good friend emailed their

assurances of prayer as I go towards another interview.

In the email was included that all my dreams

would be fulfilled.

I feel like I have had my hopes dashed so many times.

That I have lost so much,

so many dreams of what I thought my life would be.

By the end of June I will be half way to being 35.

(i.e. end of December I will be 35).

I never dreamed that the end of my twenties and early thirties

would be filled with uncertainty and continual job searching.

But I also never dreamed that I would be in

the Orthodox church and have a spiritual father.

So I have been given something very great...



It is hard not to get my hopes up about this new

interview. Even though I know that work itself

is not easy.



I will continue to seek to learn to pray with hope.


Christ is Risen.


Matushka Anna said...

Indeed He is Risen!

There is a reason clairvoyance is only given to the most holy of people - the rest of us wouldn't be able to handle it. Goodness knows I couldn't have bourne knowing some of the things I was to go through, but God's grace has brought me this far. I've decided that not being able to see into the future is actually a gift.

((hugs)) and prayers!

GretchenJoanna said...

My favorite picture here is the first one, with the light filtering through the branches of that tree!

So glad to know you have that second interview. I know I always hear how good for a person it is, to do interviews, to get the practice. You must be an expert now!