Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday - another day of God's mercy

I love this picture of a woman

walking her dog in the Spring Sunshine.


Yesterday and today I have lists for what to do in my day;

I tried to make them in chronological order

and for them to be realistic.

I think it is helping - I feel encouraged by actually achieving the goals

and things are getting done.

And I am not putting specific time lengths on them,

as I find I can't keep to time-goals but can keep

up with more task-oriented goals.

Somehow if I focus on the task and not

the time, then both work out.


Earlier this week someone who cares about me

said, Elizabeth, you are so funny. You're so smart

but you don't believe you can do're just such a

high-achiever that you are hard on yourself...

To be honest I feel like if I am not doing two or three applications a day

I feel like I failed.

Well, that is not helping me as it does not seem that I can do that goal;

or I have to figure out better ways to accomplish it.

I have to account for time

I need for cleaning, groceries, etc.


Anyway, my goal today is to finish another application and get started

on two more.


Wishing you well in whatever this day has in store for you!

God is with us!!


Matushka Anna said...

You *are* hard on yourself!

But I am too so I can't talk. (c;

Love and prayers and hugs...

Sarah Euphemia said...

I seconded Matushka Anna! Hang in there kiddo! Be confident knowing that there are a lot of people praying for you that believe in you! Love to you.