Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday - St. George Day

Keeping a candle lit for a dear friend's

father who is very ill overseas.

St. Necktarios is a healer and I pray that his

intercessions will comfort my friend and

her family during this time.

Today (old calendar) is

St. George's Day.

The icon below is one my beloved St. George icons;

it is the one that a few lents ago was in

the Altar of my church for all of lent.

That was such a blessing;

I loved seeing him there,

leaning against the window.

I felt so protected that lent,

knowing he was there.


Now this icon is home with me

and since it was his day,

I put this icon out on display,

even though my big icon of him

has a lampada by it.

St. George is such a beloved Saint!


I went to friends' church for a service

to St. George

and then had the friends over for dinner


We had a simple tomato-vegetable soup,

yummy bread,

a salad and some fried potatoes.

And various fun desserts.

A wonderful way to celebrate

the feast day of St. George!

Blessed Feast Day!

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