Monday, May 16, 2011


I was at a friend's house the other night

and her over 1 year old transformed

into a little man overnight.

So cute.

I could see him using more of his older brother's

expressions both on his face and verbally.

And I read him a story for the first time...

one of them was about a town ... one of the Richard Scary books;

soon I was singing to him,

downtown, I wantta live downtown...

it was real cute as I can walk to my friend's house in

no more than 30 minutes

but her boy does not know what town really means

so he was convinced that we did not live in the same town :)


For years I had a really good black carry on suitcase

that I took everywhere with me,

as I lived on my own since 2001/2 and got my groceries in it.

By library school it was already showing a lot of use

and one of my classmates demanded I name it.

So I called it 'old faithful'

and used it for many years.



I finally had to say goodbye to my 'old faithful'

that had sounded by the end almost as bad as a car

without a muffler.

But I missed having a way to transport groceries;

I had been carrying them mostly but

sometimes it gets a bit heavy.

So, the search was on.

But first came Pascha and I got a new basket

and put cookies in it to be blessed and handed out to all the kids

(and adults!)

Here's where my basket lives now:

It's on top of my microwave as it was the only

place I had left for it!

But it is a beautiful basket and I figure it is good

to have reminders of Pascha year round.

I carried my roses on Good Friday for the shroud

and it felt so beautiful to have a basket of roses for

my Saviour...

I am blessed as even the roses I got were at a discount

and they were beautiful real long stem red roses

fragrant, stemmed with leaves and ferns...


For my Pascha party I was getting some really heavy items

so I broke down and bought this cart:

Sad to say it did not suffice.

The tips off the top fell off before I got home

the day I bought it!

And it was too short and so was really uncomfortable to push.

I kept thinking about collection development

in libraries; my teacher in library school said

everyone makes a few collection development

mistakes, items - books, DVDs, etc,

that just don't get the use they should.

Well thankfully my super cool grocery store,

where I bought it from,

let me return it that very day and I was refunded

the money I used buying it.


Last week, admittedly when I had felt excited about a real

job prospect,

I got this new red cart:

It cost 23.00 total Canadian

and I had talked to various people using them downtown

who recommended them.

So far, I am loving it!

Great handle height, good wheels (the other carts wheels

were so wobbly that it was actually hard to use),

and it's red! :)

Here's to hoping that I get another job soon

so I can not worry about 'extra' purchases like this one...



another Cleo picture.

My friend said Cleo looked older and I fear

it is true.

Though I can't always see it, I think somehow she is not always as

fluffy as she was around the face.


She still acts the same, which is great.

Including sudden appearances at the dinner table when I put my

dinner down to eat and turn around to get a glass of water...

so here she is, the famous meal sniffer/stealer

Cleo my Canadian Cute




I kinda like her :)


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The new cart looks wonderful...we don't seem to have anything fun like that here.

The photos of Cleo are always a delight :-)

mamajuliana said...

Cleo doesn't look like she was enjoying her picture being taken. Maybe she heard about your telling us about the laundry sitting...

I also LOVE the cute red cart.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

Well, M-J, you're right, she does not always like it... but you know, she knows what hand gives her milk from my cereal dish! :)

Yeah, it is a cute red cart hey?! I am really happy with it!!

margaret said...

I have just been reading in Miss Tilney's copy of the Feline Fashion Review that too much fluff around the face is SO last year.