Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunshine, Real and Lovely


I am now officially behind, as usual.

First, I got an award

a few weeks back that (oops forgive me)

I had not yet mentioned....

so without further ado,

I really enjoy her blog

and am so happy that she recently got to be in Europe

for a bit on a holiday!

She also lives and I think hails from the Midwest in

the States, which is where I am from as well.

Of course I moved countries and now live

in a city.

Mysterious are God's ways!

Keepin' It Real Award

Thanks Michelle!

The award is given to those who are a bit honest

about their struggles.

Well, tada, I am so awarded.

I must say I am so blessed to have a blog community

where we care about each other and the other's struggles.



I love all my blog friends.

How to pick others for awards I find really difficult.

However, I have two that came to mind

and here they are:

Alana is always keeping it real.

I have read both blogger's blogs for a few years now I think;

my sense of time is not that good

but I feel that I have really gotten to know both of them

through various challenges and struggles

they have had.

I care about them both a lot and am so glad

that I have met them via their blogs!

Many others I also love, many of them already given


I am tired though so please forgive me for not

speaking to more of those I love.

Basically if you read this, comment or I know you

via blog via comments or email

then I love you!



So with theme

keepin' it real...

So today was my first book club for the book

the ladder.

Went really well.

Um, but guess who was so excited about SUNSHINE

this afternoon that she went photo-taking

and thus barely had time to make dinner

while on the phone

and then finish reading the 4th chapter

precisely one minute before my first guest came?

Yep, me!

Yeah, and then one of my favourite shots of today

picture wise,

well, here's what I found once it got on my computer

and I could see it 'up close and personal'...

Any one else notice the FLY

front and centre?


I hope for more sun and that I can try for this picture again!


Thanks again everyone ...

Now it is time for sleep and tomorrow

I must finish that cover letter and resume that is taking

way to long...


Sarah in Indiana said...

The fly definitely fits with the theme of keepin' it real!

Matushka Anna said...

Gee, Elizabeth, I wouldn't have noticed the fly if you hadn't pointed it out!

OTOH, you're just keeping it real!


(I hate I couldn't give them out to everyone but like I said somewhere else - memory lapse - if I had, no one else would have had the fun of giving them out!)