Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunshine in Spring

The next few days are going to be a bit

of a whirlwind.


Phone meeting to discuss contract work

(prayers requested).


Cake to bake, resume to write, contract work to begin;

monastery, baby shower, vespers all on Saturday.

Liturgy and cemetery day Sunday.

Contract work most likely next week

and resume and cover letters.


Reading The Ladder for book club.


So if I am not blogging as much or commenting

it is only that life suddenly

gave me a busy week

in which I will have to work hard and be very disciplined.

This is a blessing.


May we pray one for the other.


God is with us.


Anna said...

In this case at least, 'now news' will be 'good news'! So glad to hear about the contract work. It sounds like a busy but happy and interesting week coming up for you :)

Anna said...

whoops - that's 'no news'!