Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers

Noah is still hurting post-surgery.

The list of those who have cancer
and that I become aware of keeps growing.

I saw my neighbour again today;
it was almost a year ago that I saw her and learned of her cancer.
The cancer is back
in her bones and lung.
She looked very ill; I was shocked at the change.
I hope to go to the Greek Monastery this weekend
and get her some small things if possible;
the monastery makes jam and other things;
I regret not doing something for her last year and want to make up for it now.
It is doubly hard as she has a niece living with her because
this girl's Mom died two years ago.
I can't imagine the pain that this young teenage girl is going through.
In times like these we can only turn to God
and the Most Holy Theotokos
for help in times of trouble.

I am in a better space internally than
I was about two weeks ago.
But I still have a long ways to go
in job applications.

I had a small job that I did today
that involved website testing.
That was nice.

Tomorrow is applying for more jobs.
I am really having a hard time knowing how to best priority my
job search time.
Anyone have any tips on decision making?
I find having too many options
(part-time, full-time, job agencies, what type of work)
to be paralyzing.
Yet, I feel more hopeful again.
Even though a huge mountain awaits my feet to climb it.
God loves us.
He is with us.
He will not abandon us.
We are not abandoned.
We are not alone.
God is with us.


Maureen E said...

Here's my new application system: For each day of the week, Monday-Saturday, I decided what kind of job I would focus on. So library jobs, jobs at three local colleges, state jobs, and other jobs. Then I wrote down on each day what kind of job to look at and potentially apply for on that day. I've only been doing it for a few days, but so far it's helping me actually feel like I'm staying on top of things and getting applications in, without feeling like I have to spend my entire day looking at ALL the job list sites, which was making me feel burnt out.

Matushka Anna said...

I didn't have anything to offer but sympathy but Maureen has a great suggestion!

I'm so sorry to hear of that poor niece. How awful. Lord have mercy!

(Sorry, would have commented last night but couldn't sign in.)