Thursday, May 05, 2011

May 5 - St. Ephraim the New

A few years ago there were some icons for sale

in my church hall;

I was really captured by one of them and

asked my spiritual father

who is this Saint?

"St. Ephraim the New" he said and told me to look him up.

So I had the icon set aside for me and

did some google searches.

I loved what I found.

"She saw a tall monk with small, round eyes, whose beard reached his chest. In his left hand was a bright light, and he gave a blessing with his right hand. Mother Makaria was filled with joy and her fear disappeared. "Forgive me," she said, "I will take care of you tomorrow as soon as God makes the day dawn." The saint disappeared, and the abbess continued to read Vespers.

In the morning after Matins, Mother Makaria cleaned the bones and placed them in a niche in the altar area of the church, lighting a candle before them. That night St Ephraim appeared to her in a dream. He thanked her for caring for his relics, then he said, "My name is St Ephraim." From his own lips, she heard the story of his life and martyrdom. "

(see here for the rest)
He is a Saint that has rescued many, including

many youth.

He is known for helping trouble youth,

including drug addicts.

Whenever I am concerned about a teenager or young adult,

I ask for his help.

Today is his day;

the day of his martyrdom;

I love the beginning of this story,

where the pirates did not like him because

he stayed so calm -

what a testimony to his life in Christ.

(FYI the story of his actual martyrdom is

not easy reading).


I had his icon out in my living room icon corner

where I could honour him

and have a candle burnt by his icon during his day.

I appreciate also that he has helped others

overcome various challenges,

including extreme anxiety and inward struggles.

See here and here for more stories about this.

I am slowly making some progress on various

job searching activities.

It is a huge inward struggle for me.

We all have struggles but God gives us various

kinds of consolation as well.

This week I have been enjoying very much

the back issue articles from the journal

road to emmaus.

What have your struggles been this week?

Any sources of consolation in the midst of them?


Maureen E said...

I love both St. Ephraim and Road to Emmaus--my parents are old friends with Mother Nectaria, the editor. She has a way of finding these amazingly interesting people!

(And actually, my godmother did the recent German issue.)

elizabeth said...

Maureen - how lovely! lovely that you also love St. Ephraim and that your parents are friends of Mother Nectaria! Would love to hear more of about your family's life in the church...

thanks so much for your comment, it made this day even more special! :)

RW said...

Thanks for posting this E. I did not know of this saint. I am going to read more and I am going to try and find an icon ... any suggestions where I might look for one?

Will send you an email soon.

elizabeth said...

Hi RW,

YES, very good saint here!

I should do a post where to get icons when a monastery is not near by...

here are two places that have this Saint's icons:

This icon is almost like the one I have

and here is the other icon I found of St. Ephraim:

look forward to your email!

elizabeth said...

Found another site - this one looks like the same icon that has... actually they have both of the icons that the other two links have ... fyi...