Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Years Later


Two years ago I was job searching,

still reeling from losing my job.

If you've gone through it, you know what I mean.


I attended these classes to make sure I was up-to-date

on my resume / interview skills.


Today I went to a job-search related event at

a place I had not been to before.

Beautiful sunny day;

I wore a great business casual outfit;

I made it there on time even though the bus was very late.

But I was not expecting what happened next:

the same people who used to be teaching the

job-searching courses were there

in new roles, new place.

Emotionally this hit hard.

Two years later I am with them again

still looking for work.

Why? What went wrong? These people were

good people, positive, sure that with their teaching

we would get back on our feet soon

with work.

All the memories came back;

my decision to take French;

the French classes that were not what I needed.

Still not at the level of French to get work.

Months and months of job searching.

Being flown out for a day long interview.

Other interviews.

Seeing jobs still today in Ottawa with French

requirements I can't meet.

Applications sent out.

I wonder when it will end.


Still waiting to see if I get a second interview from the

one this week.


Two good things:

1. When I went to get information on the company I was

there today to learn about,

the person recognized me as a professional immediately;

even when internally I was overwhelmed.

2. I have had work since those classes two summers ago.

I loved that contract and it gave me

some really wonderful additional work experience.


It is so hard to keep being strong;

I am a professional and just want to have a job again.


Matushka Anna said...

I'm sorry. It is a cold-feeling-in-the-pit-of-the-stomach when you lose a job. I've been there. Twice. With the way the economy has been the last several years, so many people who ordinarily would never have lost a job, have. It's such a difficult place to be in.

Still praying.

Sarah Euphemia said...

Praying for you. Romans 8:28.