Monday, May 09, 2011

Looking to the Heavens

I've read a lot of hard things today.

More Christians Killed in Egypt.

US trying to have national control of education.

and other things as well.


I have a friend who grew up in Romania and knows

of the horrible evil done against Christians there.

She and I both ask God that we will be spared,

for we are afraid.


Christ promises to have mercy.

To not abandon us.

But this does not mean that we will not have troubles;

Christ is clear on that too.

But to take heart for Christ has overcome

the world

He has defeated death by death.


I am hearing also from various good sources

that these 40 days of Brightness

are to be for our continued healing.

Let us seek to be open to God and receive

His life in us.

I pray for this...

we must not get distracted from our purpose;

to be with Christ;

to acquire the Holy Spirit;

to get to the point where we bear

the fruit of the Holy Spirit;

to love.

May God help us.

The Lord knows and sees every sparrow.

He creates every Spring,

every leaf unfurling in green.


Every step Christ understands of our lives,

even if we do not.


My phone interview is tomorrow late morning.


I ask your prayers.


And I thank God that with Christ is life, is hope.


Matushka Anna said...


mamajuliana said...

Praying for you today!

Matushka Anna said...

Praying now!

Milton T. Burton said...

Superb photos. Did you take them yourself?

elizabeth said...

Thank you for your prayers!!

Milton - Hi, thanks for your comment! :) Yes, all the photos on this blog I have taken. I love taking pictures and spring/summer always gets a few good nature pictures in the mix :)