Monday, May 02, 2011

Monday after Bright Week

It is rainy today.

I find I have to redirect my thoughts continually

to thankfulness amidst my

job search that feels slow arduous and diffuse.

But when I think on this,

I think of how I read recently that God tests the soul

according to it's strength.

I must remember that I am one of the weak and

while my trials are hard for me

there are much harder ones.


Meanwhile I am needing lots of light for the grey days.

Candles lit, prayers, crossing oneself,

are ways to get through the day.

Now that Lent and Holy Week and Bright Week

are done, I have more time on my hands;

it can get a bit lonely.

I keep wanting to do more - find somewhere to volunteer,

figure out where a part-time job is,

but my days get full and are gone before I know it.

Today I voted (today is election day once again in Canada),

finished and submitted my taxes, did errands and

did a networking email and other job searching emails.

Cleo's been hanging out with me

as per usual.

My little furball of blessings.

I must keep my candles lit

as it seems that this

is at times

all I can do.


And keep striving to be thankful.

How I need thankfulness.


How are you spending your day? Any struggles, any ways you are

keeping light around you? How are you seeking to

remember the Lord's Pascha

which is to change our life completely?


Marfa said...

It's rainy here, too. Tomorrow is election day...I will vote "no" to raising taxes to improve our schools, because they intend to use millions of $$$ to tear down a beautiful old building and erect a new one. I am not keen on new construction, as they do things as cheaply as possible...seems if you have a good building, one should repair it!

TeresaAngelina said...

I can imagine how terrible it is to have so much time on your hands, but (and I know you do this; just reinforcing) think about it as a gift like none other. Stuff will always fill the space available which includes time since it also is to fit in a "container." You will never have another time like this. If you truly want to volunteer somewhere, do it now. We have bunny shelters here and I bet they have cat shelters there whose workers are usually very tired due to over volunteering. (Just be careful that Cleo doesn't think you've been stepping out on her..."

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love the photos of your icon corner :-)

We also have an election coming up; this time it is a referendum about electoral reform of the voting system. DH and I will be voting, but at the moment I am not convinced which way I should vote. I need to do a lot more thinking first :-)

Cristina said...

Wow! You have a wonderful (also etymologically) icon corner! There are saints that I also love so much. Saint Phanourios, Saint Nectarios, Saint John Maximovitch and I can also see there a picture of mother Alexandra, former princess Ileana, a member of the royal Romanian family. May they protect you all the way!