Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Liturgy today was very beautiful.

Today is a very powerful feast,

all of Pascha and all of Pentecost...

It looks like,

I say cautiously but with a lot of hope:

I may have another short term contract

as an Information Specialist

at my beloved last job!

More details to be known within a weeks time.

This of course is hugely encouraging to me!

I mentioned earlier about the naturopath.

Met with her and will now be on a

sublingual Vitamin B12.

I say that is cool and I am all for it.

I am seeking to learn

which I know is mostly on the spiritual level

how to stay inwardly stable.


Have a lot to do meanwhile on more

networking, job searching and making a concrete

game plan for trying to get more contracts

as an Information Specialist,


Librarian Extraordinaire.



Can I just mention again how much I LOVE my blog


Your blogs, your thoughts on your blogs

and how you have been friends to me.

I go through thick and thin and

you have not left.

Thank you.

And the blog friends who don't blog but still love me

and comment or email

I can't tell you how much you've blessed me over the years.

Happy Mid-Pentecost!

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