Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What needs to be done

1. Remember God

2. Remember that Saints surround us, especially

Christ's Holy Mother who loves us.


Next - do whatever has to be done today.

I polished shoes today - cleaned, polished and waterproofed.

My brown Birkenstock shoes are full of wrinkles but well cared for.

I have had them since 1994 and for most of these years,

have worn them.

French is hard and I struggle to stay working at it.

I have a really big French day and then it wanes until I realized how lost I am in class

and resolve to try again.

My teacher reminded me that it is hard and that I,

unlike everyone else in my small class,

have the least experience in languages;

that I am starting from scratch.

I am waiting to hear if I get that part-time job.
Tomorrow I am going to see an apartment slightly
outside of the centre of downtown
that is the right price.
Please pray for me.
I thank God for His goodness.


RW said...

prayers for today
the job and the apartment

elizabeth said...

Thank you very much. This is very encouraging to me.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dear Elizabeth,
my prayers.

French *is* hard. DD3 found Latin easy, but is finding French much harder.
I was helping her revise for her test this week, and we ended out acting lots of the phrases.

"Asseyez !" involved me turning round and patting my backside, but she remembered it ! I went to the door and acted out "ouvrez" and "fermez", then made her do it until she "knew" those expresions.
It will "click" for you, but it does take time.

E Helena E said...

J'adore tes souliers!