Friday, October 02, 2009

God uses the weak

As the season turns, I have been thinking about how Fr. Stephen
often reminds us that he is an ignorant man.
To me the following is obvious, but perhaps should be mentioned.
While I have learned things and share them on my blog,
if what I share is of value, it means
it was taught to me.
One of the most wonderful things for me to realize,
as it speaks of the refuge of the Church,
is that the teaching that we are given is from the Church Fathers.
It is so wonderful to realize that following Christ,
being in the Church,
praying in the Church
is for our salvation.
I am unworthy of this salvation, yet God freely offers it.
I am ignorant and often am a beast before God,
I am an ignorant woman and
can only pray to be made worthy
of what I am given.
If I offer any words of consolation or of help on my blog,
it is only because God chooses to use the weak and the foolish to shame the wise.
I thank God for His mercy.
I need God's mercy to now work more diligently on learning French.
I asked a wise and holy man whose prayers to Christ I should ask
for learning French.
I ask also your prayers.
Speaking of prayers...
This prayer posted by Fr. Stephen is lovely;
if you do not read his blog regularly, this prayer is worth reading.

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There's a great deal here, Elizabeth!