Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apartment Found!

I went to the Apartment Open House.

It was a beautiful crisp sunny day.

A two bedroom basement apartment.

It has low ceilings.

Not many cupboards (though the ones they do have are cute)

Two small closets.

Half size windows.

But the sun in the afternoon shone into the apartment.

There was light there.

And two rooms plus a long big room

and a kitchen and bathroom.

Price: just over half of what I would of been paying here.

Hello New Home to Cleo, Me and My furniture!

Hello place to be lighted with candles

and lamps.

Hello, new place I hope to pray in

put icons in

and seek God.

It has a mocha brown paint job with white trim.
I will miss my green walls.
I will miss my view, my balcony.
I hope my new neighbours will be good.
Um, the fire station is near by.
So that may be a bit loud.
I can walk to church in 15 minutes,
grocery store in about 25 minutes,
buses nearby.
And I am going to make it cute and am already
planning on trying to find some furniture
to make up for the diminished cupboard space...
It is not a perfect place; some infestation issues;
they had a crazy tenant, who is no longer there.
But it felt good to myself and the friends with me,
and the friends with me have good heads on their shoulders.
I took it for November and will have time to clean
prepare and move in slowly.
Thank God for His mercy.
Thank you for your prayers!


mamajuliana said...

This doesn't sound really sophisticated or holy but.....


Our prayers answered!

I am SO happy for you!!!!!!
It sounds like you have a bit of work ahead of you...but good work.
Hope Cleo likes it, too!

Anonymous said...

My heart leaped with joy to read this. Glory to God!

Emily H. said...

Oh, what a relief! I'm glad for you!

Michael Hermann said...

That is fantastic news Elizabeth.
Congratulations. You have a new place to call home, to live and pray in.

I am delighted for you.

God be praised.

E Helena E said...

I am so relieved and thankful to hear this news. Thank You, Lord, for taking care of Elizabeth!

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much MamaJuliana!! Yeah, I am so happy too! Yes, it will be work and the place needs cleaning and frankly cleaning that will keep future bug like problems at bay! but NOTHING insurmountable and I am really pleased!

Thank you so much Mary. I am so pleased to share this joy.

Thank you Emily! Yes, it is such a relief!

Thank you Michael! Yes, it will be so wonderful to have a new home to pray in!

Yes, E-H, Thank God for His amazing provision!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Elizabeth, I am just picking my jaw up from the floor !

I started praying the Akathist to St Xenia this weekend, asking her help for you to find a new home quickly :-)

All our prayers have been answered, Glory to God !

margaret said...

Juliana said what I thought :) 15 minute walk to church? that is perfect. It is soooooo wonderful to go to church without worrying about time and transport. oh, I am so glad, especially after your last post about less than nice areas.

RW said...

oh elizabeth I am so glad to hear this news.
I am sure you will make a lovely home for yourself.

DebD said...

yippie! I'm relieved with you.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Such wonderful news, and such a relief! There's a huge step accomplished along your path.

Glory to God!

Mimi said...

Congratulations! Whooot!

Michelle M. said...

Yeah! How wonderful!