Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still Looking / My Eyes Have Seen Salvation...

I am listening to Beethoven right now.

I forgot how much I love his work;

the quietness of parts

and louder sections are so expressive.

I need, at times, the more explosive music of Beethoven;

it helps me process things.

Bach's music too can help me inwardly progress through things.

A time for sound and a time for silence...

I am seeking to keep the basics:

morning prayers, a Saint's reading, the Scripture readings

from my Church Calendar.

I have looked at various apartments now.

Some good, some not so good, some down right bad.

I look at two more today,

possibly one tomorrow,

one on Saturday.

God will bring me to a good place,

just as he cares for the small birds,

the squirrels in the city...

Christ has come,
I have been baptised as an infant,
chrismated as an adult.
Confession, my spiritual father quickly reminded me,
is a renewal of baptism.
I have been baptised
and thus scorn the devil and all his works.
Christ has put his covering protection over me
a sinner
and in the end Christ is my Joy, my Delight, my Home
my Ever-Present Help in sadness, darkness and
He will have mercy.

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