Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not much new

My Mother gently reminded me to trust God.
I have been confused.
The apartment I saw. Lovely. Not downtown.
Conflicted about it. Concerned.
Am waiting to see a similar place that is downtown;
so far the differences are the place I saw has hardwood and storage;
the place I have yet to see is downtown.
Trust God that it will fall into place,
my Mother encouraged me.
I am going to seek to do this.
Meanwhile, I have packed 7 boxes of books!
It is a beautiful sunshine filled day.
I am going to a friends place for her birthday.
I was at Liturgy.
I am so very blessed.


E Helena E said...

Discernment can be so difficult. Quietness and time in these matters is essential, as you pointed out earlier.
And trust in the Lord above all about the ways that you may be inclining...(your mother is right).

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for discernement, wisdom and peace for you, my friend.

elizabeth said...

Yes, it can be hard. and Yes my Mother is right!

Thankyou for your prayers Elizabeth!

thegeekywife said...


a smiley to cheer you!