Saturday, October 17, 2009

Celebrating Autumn

Autumn Leaves

Today is quiet.

Cleaning, breakfast, blogging, praying.

Vespers tonight.

Oh the relief -


Tomorrow I go to an open house

good price,

location not as trendy but doable.

I don't need trendy, but I do need good.

Saw some beautiful houses.

I wish I could live in one.

Meanwhile I am loving the autumn leaves.


Victoria said...

I hear autumn in the east is truly a sight to behold

margaret said...

I love autumn leaves - I've seen some pinks and purples here this year along with the reds and yellows. I like it too when autumnn is a bit further on and I can splash through great piles of them on the pavement with the dogs and the little kids.

Still praying for your house hunt.

E Helena E said...

I felt increasingly worried when I read one of your last posts.... so I continue to pray for discernment in what you need to do and for the right new home!

elizabeth said...

Yes... I should really try to see more of them...

Thank you M for your prayers.

Thanks E-H... yes... well... one thing at a time... thanks for your prayers!