Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quiet Within

I saw an apartment.
When I first saw it, I felt so disoriented, I was stalling for time
for a good friend, who is like deep family here,
to come see it with me.
It is a good apartment.
I could make it home. It is not downtown,
but is more affordable while still being really good.
I realize that I want this apartment
and that it is a much better choice than the last place
Now I am asking God that this new apartment
will be my next home.
If it will be so,
I will write more about it.
I feel at peace, which I am slowly learning,
is a good indication when deciding what to do.
Please pray for God's mercy for me in this.
I would like to have the apartment and to know it is mine
before the week is over.
I called and am meeting the rental agent late this morning
to give her the rental application and deposit.
I still feel good about this.
Thank you for all prayers.
I hope to know soon....

1 comment:

DebD said...

that is good news. I hope your prayers are answered.