Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cake and the secret to baking one from a mix

Canadian Thanksgiving was this past Monday.

This is the Marble Cake I made,

to many people's delight.

With the homemade frosting.

Packed and Ready To Go;
I walked to my dinner a lovely 20 minute walk.
The secret I discovered when baking a cake for my house blessing over two years ago:
When using a cake mix, do not follow their instructions,
to put the eggs, oil and water in all at once and mix.
Instead put the eggs in and blend;
put the oil in and blend again;
put the water in and blend again.
This makes an incredibly light and airy cake.
I found that the frosting to be too hard for the cake;
it was so thick that it was ripping the top of the very soft cake
when spreading it on.
I should of made the margarine a tad softer for a better frosting.
That said, people really liked the cake and frosting!
Here is the recipe for frosting (given to me by a very lovely friend):
*About 50 g or 1/2 cup of margarine - softened
*2 cups powdered sugar
*3 tbs of cocoa
2 tbs milk (or water to make it vegan)
Put in bowl and mix together.
The trick is to get the margarine soft enough to made a light spreadable frosting;
not to melt it or have it too hard and thus not as spreadable.
I get cake mixes on sale for a dollar or so. By making it as explained above,
these cakes taste like fancy made from scratch cakes.
Ask the Lord to bless your cake and all is done!

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Michelle M. said...

Great tips! Thanks.