Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Being Thankful In the Midst of It All

It is beautiful where I live.

I am going to be looking at some places that are near by.

I am really tired still, from not knowing where I will live,

but I am trying to be thankful

and do what I can each day.

I am thankful that I can walk with my two feet

and wear my favourite Birkenstock Clogs.

For the first month or so after I was walking again,

after breaking my foot the summer before this past,

I could not wear my clogs.

So it is nice to have this back;

I really love wearing them and keep them in good shape.

I am trying to remember that God
is taking care of me,
has been taking care of me all along,
and to not be afraid.
God is good to us.


Meadowlark Days said...

Oh, what lovely fall colors! They are a blessing in and of themselves. And I also love my birks. Prayers for housing and job search.

elizabeth said...

Thanks! Yes, many blessings here! Thank you for your prayers!

Anonymous said...

I have the same clogs. Great shoes!

Praying for you.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The clogs look very comfortable !
And the Fall colours are delightful.....

Michelle M. said...

You write such beautiful posts. My prayers that you will find a new place to live son.

DebD said...

I love my birkies! Prayers continue for a job and housing.

elizabeth said...

thanks so much everyone for your prayers. They are ever needed...

Wow. Did not expect so many to share my love of my shoes! They are great, worth maintaining (I get mine resoled/heeled and polished as needed), and so comfortable!