Sunday, October 04, 2009


This week was very full.

Many blessings.

And today I talked again with the very lovely priest who made me a catachumen.

It was so good to see Fr. L. again!

He told me to learn French, make money and then come visit.

It is hard - of course I would love to visit BC - but I seem to either:

-have a job with restricted vacation

-need to go to Michigan first (family, monastery)

-am not allowed (unemployment rules) to leave the city

-have restricted funds $$

But hopefully someday!

I am officially tired now. Yep. Need some good old peace and quiet.

Will be making list of what I will need to focus on now.

Apartment finding,

French learning

Some job seeking.

Life does not have many breathing spaces but
I am greatful for some really special times
that I can slowly ease into the next part of my life.
I am really praying for a good apartment
quiet, a fairly close walk to church
(i.e. 20 minute walk is great),
that is clean and affordable.
May the Lord have mercy on us all,
according to our needs.


E Helena E said...

I continue to pray for this need: your new home. So good to see you and pray with you in church today. May this coming week bring you more blessings.

elizabeth said...

thank you so much E-H! I know you know how much a good home means! we are similar in this way I think!

It was wonderful to see you too! It is such a blessing to pray in church together!

margaret said...

I love that white rose... we used to have a rambling Christmas rose just like it at our front door but Dad had one of what I called his "furry fits" when he would rampage around the garden like a crazy cat digging things up and the poor Christmas rose fell victim to it. Those simple roses are my favourites, somewhere I have a book of rose embroidery based on the collection at Kew Gardens in London, if I was still an Anglo-Catholic I would want to make someone a literal set of Rose vestments :) I do hope you get a nice flat within walking distance of church - that is my plan too.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love these flowers !
I will be adding you to my akathist to St Xenia for employment and housing needs. .....

elizabeth said...

thank you Margaret! I did not know it was a white rose, how lovely... hope that both of us can find something good ... homes though temporal are still important here...

thank you Elizabeth for your prayers! they mean a lot to me!!

margaret said...

Yes, it's a wild rose, all our complex roses are bred from them. Sometimes if you neglect to prune a rose bush a stem with those simple roses will appear as a throwback.

Anyways, does your comment on my blog mean you have a definite new home lined up?

Juliana said...

You continue to be in my prayers!

Love in Christ,

elizabeth said...

Hi again M - no I have not found anything yet. I merely hope and pray we both do find something!

elizabeth said...

thank you so much for your prayers Juliana!!

Michelle M. said...

Continuing to pray! Glad that your week looks to be a good one.

elizabeth said...

thank you so very much Michelle!!