Friday, October 09, 2009

Looking for an Apartment is a Strange Thing

(This picture is of fish in the fountain at the monastery
I visited a while back)
So I have quickly concluded that apartment searching
especially when using Craigslist and Kijiji
is really odd.
Because it is more unique individual and filled with people
who are renting things who may not have a lot of
experience in renting.
Still praying that I will find a good safe quiet apartment that is
The ads for December are slowly coming in.
Have not seen any yet that I can go for
(price too high, or no laundry in building;
laundry in building is a non-negotiable for me).
Well. Life is continuing.
One of my facebook long distance friends finally had her baby.
I am going to see another friend's baby be baptized tomorrow.
I thought when I was younger that I would have a life like my friends,
you know,
married with children.
This does not get easier but well, since when was life easy?
But I know God is good and that my life has purpose,
even when it is not the life I had originally envisioned for myself.
Sometimes though I wish things could hurry up a little.
Yet time is so important;
time heals, time instructs,
time gives the opportunity for realizations
and repentance.
So instead of praying CAN'T THIS GO A LITTLE FASTER
I try to say
Lord, please have mercy on me, I really need You.


RW said...

It is funny thing - stepping outside of our lives and looking at them.

TeresaAngelina said...

Hello Little Rose,
I am not sure if this will be helpful or not, but here is a link to the co-operative housing in Ottawa.

I live in a co-op in Burnaby.

elizabeth said...

RW - Yeah. I often see my life this way I think; a bit of 'third person' is needed sometimes to figure out what the 'first person' (myself) is thinking. And it is easier to write this way at times.

thanks TA- will check it out; I have been looking at one of the main co-op places but they have had either a)listings only for a two bedroom or b)no listings. so we shall see. thanks for the link!

Michelle M. said...

I have a friend who is in the same shoes as you, and she struggles with it, too. You are prayed for. I hope you are able to find a wonderful, affordable apartment soon.

E Helena E said...

I can really relate to your tag: the "when will we be there?" stage. Wow! It has nothing to do with age.
May the Lord gently lead us out of this.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Michelle! I really appreciate your encouragment!

E-H, yes may God so lead and comfort us on the way.