Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday, Cloudy, Warm Impressions and Greatfulness

I had this recently.
The smell was so strongly attached to my Oma,
I was so surprised.
I think my Aunt P. must have had mocha cookies.

The small knit unbelievably orange scarf.

I am so glad of the two scarves I finished.
Above and below.

So I've been knitting a lovely
blue scarf for another gift
when I realized I had added stitches.
I talked with my sister for a long time today;
have to do it during day due to time difference
between Romania and here.

I showed her my mistake and then frogged it.
Then I went looking for my needle.
Could not find it anywhere;
same one I had lost before!
Only to realize I had put the needle in the bag it stays in
when I am not working on it...!
So glad I still have this needle!
Such blessings, being able to knit and
have different sized needles to choose from...

Cleo is so cute.

I had insomnia again.
But in the middle of it I had this deep
impression and feeling of love for
Mr. Husband,
it rather made up for it.

My chocolate bar in one of our Pascha baskets.
Counting down, getting ready...
Each of your comments are such a blessing to me
as I navigate getting better from
the mono.
Thank you.
I am still tired of course.
Insomnia never helps with that!
But each day is different and God's mercy is
truly new every morning.
Saw this three part interview with a young
Irish boy who died in the 1980's of a rare disease.
His life and his faith in Christ is incredible ~
if you have the time,
I would take a look.
Go here for some empathy and comfort on
Mothering and exhaustion.
Now I think it may just be time for a short nap...
I am so thankful that my Mr. Husband
affirms that my top priority is to get better...
the mono will not be forever....
One step a time...

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GretchenJoanna said...

It's great when a sweet memory erupts in the mind from something like a bite of food. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Glory to God!