Sunday, April 21, 2013

Question: Looking for a Wooden Icon Case with Festal and Other Icons

Mr. Husband and I were talking this afternoon
about how we are looking for
a wooden case with glass on front
to have many paper/copies of icons
on heavy stock paper.
The icon of St. Nicholas
is an example of this.

This icon is from a set of about 100 icons
(that our far-away church has) and they
fit in one icon box...
This collection would ideally cover the 12 Major Feasts,
the Sundays of Lent and Bright Season through to Pentecost,
as well as many other prominent Saint Days.
Does anyone know where we can find this?
If you don't know how to find exactly this,
we are also interested in a similar collection on heavy stock paper
without the case,
which we would then commission a case for.
If you know of something like this
or some approximation,
please comment below
or write me at
roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA.
Thank you! 


jward said...

Did you ever find a box? I've been looking for a smaller box 5x7 for the Festal and Lenten icons I have (space limitations). You can find paper icons at any Orthodox supplies store, and Uncut Mountain have them for sure.

elizabeth said...

Hi... No, we have not found this... I've heard though that boxes like this can be found at Michael's, the craft store... not sure about what sizes they have....