Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting Ready...

Pascha is less than 3 weeks away!
This picture is from
Last year's Pascha basket blessing in Ottawa...
(the two baskets in the back were
mine and the yet unmarried Mr. Husband).
My Pascha outfit still fits!
(I was not sure if it still would as I only wear it once/year).
I got outside today ~ took a long rest before I went out
and it was so WONDERFUL to get outside.
I went to the grocery store for the first time in
2 months!
This short video was really encouraging to me
and maybe it will be for all of us
who are struggling through the last weeks of Lent.
FYI, here's an Orthodox journal in PDF that
Mr. Husband just forwarded to me...
I am starting a list for all the things we will need for
Holy Week and Pascha.
I just found this really lovely white embroidered
cloth from Mr. Husband's Grandmother
that will be wonderful on our buffet under our window.
It is wonderful to me as a woman that there are so many
things that we can do in the home to bring
the fasts and feast of the church into our daily lives.
Of course the most exciting of all is Pascha:
Pascha is all about coming to meet the Risen Christ.
This is the first Pascha that Mr. Husband and I
God willing will go together to church as a married couple
for this Holiest of days.

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Martha said...

So wonderful...may you two have another joyous Pascha together, the first as a married couple! ♥ I'm really looking forward to it, too!!!