Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunshine on a Tuesday ~ new dinner dish made ~ flowers on trees!

I am savouring the sunshine here!
Sadly the next days look like rain in the forecast...
So loving each moment of sunshine!

Did a bit of cleaning today,
which feels nice.

Flowers and leaves blooming on trees!
Trying Willfulmina's Mother's recipe
for dinner tonight!
Orzo with roasted vegetables

Cut up the veggies.

Roasted them this way in three dishes.

I loved how the recipe called for
crushed rosemary.
So I did my best to crush it!

The oil and herbs...
I got all the way done and realized
I had forgotten the red onion!
So chop, chop, chop and in it went!
With some minced garlic too (my own addition)...

It roasted nicely!

Such great colours.
We opted for the extra pepper instead of zucchini
as per Mr. Husband's request.
He is on his way home now
and I am going to cook up the orzo for
the dish and have it waiting...


Martha said...

Mmmm...that is really colourful, beautiful,healthful and looks scrumptious! ♥ I do like orzo a lot, as well as rice and quinoa...I think it would be good with any of those.

willfulmina said...

Hope you like it!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That looks delicious! I love seeing what you are cooking :-)