Friday, April 19, 2013

Thursday and Wednesday and now it is Friday ~ Koek, Tea and Life as we live it

I went out on Wednesday for a walk.
I am drinking sunshine.
Mr. Husband and I are taking in some sad things
in the world and I think it is fair to say
that some things leave you
feeling shaken
or sad
or a bit like the air just went out of you
or the room got silent all of a sudden;
as if it is the opposite of the
point verge I read about in undergrad where Merton describes the
point in which it is suddenly a new day ~
when at dawn the birds all begin to sing praises.

And so we talk,
we pray,
we write short poems,
we talk to those wiser than we.

and we hope,
pray in hope,
make plans to go to church
talk and think;
I knit.
I finished the blue scarf, and a cream/pink/tan mix scarf
and I cast on an unbelievably orange scarf,
one of three I hope to make for my very
cute 3 Ottawa boy munchkins,
including the littlest who is my godson.
Am thinking somehow that I want to do a
very simple knit somehow
on some of the scarves of the kids initials,
so that the three boys always know which scarf is theirs.
Any suggestions on how to do this on a knit scarf?

So I took a walk
on Wednesday and took these pictures;
are not the flowers beautiful?
I must go out again...

I finally made Koek yesterday
and as I thought I HAD blogged this recipe!

Koek is wonderful to make
and smells so good when just out of the oven
and warm on a plate with tea!

I used buckwheat honey this time
as it was all I had...
I must go and buy more sugar soon as
I had forgotten that I was out
and had to steal sugar from the sugar pots,
thankfully I have a few sugar pots and
it all turned out well!

Fresh out of the oven...
Love the Pyrex glass bread pans that
have the easy-grab holders on them...

I had a lovely tea with a friend yesterday!
We enjoyed the Koek and also wonderful fruits and
chocolate vegan wafers!

I used my blue and white dishes this time,
it was wonderful...
Like the oh, so elegant vegan margarine in the midst?
:) It was a lovely time of visiting and conversation...
Later Mr. Husband and I had
yummy baked vegetable leftovers.

Mr. Husband and I are really grateful
for so many things ~
A God who promises to be with us
Flowers in Spring
and Friends.
Lent is slipping to a close;
so many to care for and pray for.
May Christ carry us all to His glorious Pascha.


Martha said...

The koek sounds really nice...however, when I looked for the recipe, it seems you omitted baking soda (I see it in the picture and am sure you needed it to make it rise)! ♥

GretchenJoanna said...

Sunshine is a very healthy drink -- you should take it in large quantities!

Your tea party sounds like strengthening medicine, also. I just inherited some blue-and-white dishes but I haven't shared tea in them yet. Soon, I hope!

Dasha D. said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. Very best wishes for spring! It is a wonderful season.

Mary said...

What a pretty tea table! Koek sounds good!