Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A mixed up Wednesday ~ not all bad and grateful for sunshine

So it seems that I have indeed relapsed a bit
with the mono.
I am just so tired again.
But at least so far I don't feel sick per say
other than
jelly-legged tired.

The last two Saturdays I managed to make
fried potatoes and fried onions for
Mr. Husband and I's lunch.
We love them.
Once I thought,
what if the world ran out of onions?
Seriously, this would be quite tragic; the smell of frying onions;
When I have the strength (boo mono!) I do love frying up
things in my cast-iron fry pan!
I just saw this pattern for dish clothes:
just like my Oma used to make!
Of course,
I don't quite understand the pattern yet,
but will wait until I am a bit better and have more energy...
I read this blurb for this book
and wow, I want this book! so wonderful and lively.
I have a growing list of books on amazon...
I loved seeing little Leo's progress!
I've been following Leo's life for sometime and
am so happy that he is walking!
Mr. Husband is at work today instead of at home
and I missed talking to my sister.
So an unusual Wednesday for me.
So now I am enjoying the book on
St. Luke the Surgeon and
the book by Fr. John the Monk.
This whole mono and then grief thing, my goodness.
But I am blessed:
I hear a bird outside,
the tree buds are growing and it is sunny.
I am making progress on my baby blanket and have
even made a few rows with less mistakes -
though I keep adding stitches without meaning to,
so it is really uneven that way.
Ah well...


Matushka Anna said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the relapse. :( Praying for you...

Lisa said...

If it helps any, this is exactly what I remember from when I had mono. You spend the first part feeling sick, and even possibly having something else in conjunction. For me that was strep throat. You are so tired but you usually can't sleep because your throat hurts, or your coughing or any number of things

After that passes and you feel better for the most part all you want to do is sleep. All the time. The smallest thing exhausts you. I tried going back to school (I was in 4th Grade) and I kept falling asleep in class. At least this is how it was for me. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Lisa! delighted to see you here!

oh boy, that sounds tough! :(

Thanks for your encouragement! Feel free to be at home here anytime!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mat. Anna... <3

Apseed said...

I'm sorry about the relaps. Praying for your speedy recovery.

Mimi said...

I really think that's a hallmark of mono, which is no help, just a nod of understanding.
prayers and huge hugs. Take care of yourself. We love you.

mamajuliana said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well again. I will remember you in prayer.

That is my favorite dishcloth pattern! I made 24 of them for Christmas gifts this past holiday. The only thing that I notice is the the stitches run straight across (square) in the picture, but if you cast on 4 and add on the stitches would be in more of a diamond shape. Other than is the pattern I use, the picture is just different.