Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunshine, baby blanket, a Christmas Scarf and a book!

It's sunny here in NJ
where I and Mr. Husband are living!
I've had, as one of my good friends put it,
the mono
for nearly 2 months!
But yesterday I went on a short walk to the post office.
In summer long skirt and tee shirt.
And then at night I had an hour long conversation
via phone with my dear sister-friend.
I may still be tired by my heart sure is lighter!
And the baby blanket is really coming along!

I am loving the pear coloured yarn I am using for
this section!
I have officially decided that this will be a
not-worrying at all about what type of row
the blanket is.
I am loving the creativity of it! 

I am loving the sunshine that you can see on
the blanket that is streaming in from
our windows...

I also started on another scarf for a Christmas gift.
As these are just the knit stitch,
I can do them without looking and get lots done
on our rides to our far-away church.
I am quite pleased with it.
I mailed yesterday on my walk
the first scarf I made
and my dish cloth and towel.
Somehow that is making my knitting official!
I am still reading this book on St. Luke.
He was a famous surgeon in the Soviet times
who courageously refused to stop loving others and preaching
in churches during the time when Soviet
officials that were silencing many priests and bishops.
The staggering number of people who were killed during
this time is incredibly shocking and sad.
St. Luke did all of his surgeries in his cassock
(the long robe priests and bishops wear) and in front of
a Holy Icon.
His courage, patience in his suffering and
his unswerving love for others,
even when he was going hunger and without,
is a testimony to the deep and unchanging love of Christ.
I find it to be a sobering and strengthening book,
one that can inspire us during our own
times of trial and suffering.
It's been really wonderful to be re-reading this book;
I read Novice K. copy the first time
when I was going through a really hard time
in my life and reading about how
St. Luke suffered and was able to endure it
was very helpful to me.
What are you creating and reading?
Yarn along with us!


Jessica Snell said...

I love the blue and yellow combination! when I was a little girl, I visited a house that had that color combination in a sunny breakfast nook, and I've loved it ever since. :) It looks beautiful in your blanket!

Mimi said...

I really love that color combo as well.
Glad spring is arriving both inside and outside your home ;)

Christine N said...

That sounds like a book I will need to read. Thank you for sharing it.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone!

Christine - it is a great book; hope you can enjoy it too! :)