Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cake and a warm sunny day

I had my camera out and the fridge open.
What are you doing? Asked Mr. Husband.
Taking a picture of the cake I answered.
To which he said I am slightly addicted.
I think he meant to my camera
but it could be to the cake!
It's really quite good.
Mr. Husband is glad to have some of you telling me
to take it easy.
Duly noted.
In general I am not fasting that much per say due to sickness
but will ponder your advice, etc.
I feel loved, thanks!
So today I did something for the first time in a LONG TIME.
I went for a few block walk by myself in low 80 degree
warm, sunny weather!
Of course this IS New Jersey and the forecast is
to be cooler again this weekend....
Mr. Husband says he has seen very warm weather and snow
in the same week here...
I talked to my sister-friend on the phone while I was walking
and brought my water bottle with me.
It was wonderful.
I am looking at various websites for some dresses, shirts and
a pair of pants (that I hope to get on sale).
I am growing excited for summer.
I am still sad that long ankle length skirts do not seem
to be the rage this year....
I need to check out my Pascha outfit
to be sure it still fits.
Yesterday I enjoyed listening to the first lecture
on a CD set by
Met. Kallistos Ware
Our Lenten Journey
which is apparently also on DVD.
It's very encouraging.
I worked on the baby blanket some more today,
while I was talking to my sister online...
I am trying to balance rest and activity so that
I don't relapse again...
Now I am just waiting for Mr. Husband to come home
so we can enjoy some cake together...

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