Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, sunshine and reflection

Monday morning.
I am so thankful for the sunshine.
I am not feeling all that well.
Shoot. :(
Meanwhile, I had read this quote a day or so ago and really liked it:

St. John of the Ladder says: "He who in his heart is proud of his tears and secretly condemns those who do not weep is like a man who asks the king for a weapon against his enemy and then commits suicide with it" (Step 7). If your heart is softened, be it from repentance before God or be it from knowing the boundless love of God toward you, do not become proud toward those whose hearts are still hard and calloused. Remember how long it has been since you had a hard and calloused heart. There were seven brothers who were ailing in a hospital. One of them was restored to health and rose to his feet. He hurried to serve his other brothers with fraternal love and concern so that they too would recover. You be like that brother also. Consider that all men are your brothers, sick brothers. If you feel that God has given you health before them, know that it was given to you through mercy, so that even you as a healthy person may serve others who are sick. Of what do we have to be proud? As though good health comes from ourselves alone and not from God. As though a mud hole can cleanse itself and not from a source deeper and cleaner.
From here.
Been thinking about how we are commanded to 
not judge and to love
in the Gospels.
I really appreciate the above quotation because it shows
how to best see ourselves and others who are also sinners.
I find myself still trying to navigate my new life...
at the same time I am grateful for Mr. Husband.
We've both not been feeling well for quite sometime
and are ready for a bit of a reprieve ..  


E Helena E said...

Sending out prayers and love to you!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Special prayers for you and Mr Husband; not much longer now till we celebrate the great joy of Holy Pascha !!