Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarn Along: Scarves, a Baby Blanket, and a Book with a letter on creating beauty

So happy for sunshine again today~
I am working on two Christmas Scarves:
both will be gifts.
The green one I added some stitches by accident
so will try to do a bit of a decrease.
Inviting all advice on doing this! 
The blue one is going well!
I talked with my sister in Romania
yesterday via video chat and
was knitting the whole time!
Yes: I have mastered being able to knit
the garter stitch without looking.

I am happy with the progress! 

Using a US 9 for the wider green scarf.

Using the 8 mm for the blue scarf.
Remember when I said I lost my knitting needle?
I found it!
I was knitting in the car on Mr. Husband and I's
long trek to our far-away church (1 hour +/1 way)
and it had fallen in-between the seat and the car door! 

The blue yarn I am using is great,
but it got a horrid tangle in it while still in
the original skein and after
trying to untangle it for far too long,
I cut it and just made smaller balls and then added them
together, as you can see from the long
strings tied together.
I must say it was quite freeing to cut the yarn!
I had no problem weaving them back into
the cream scarf that I made...
My Baby Blanket is coming along!

I finished up the stripe of pear coloured yarn
and am on the the next two-coloured strand.

It's a joy to do!

I only have 4 skeins left so I can only do
one more strip before I need to order some more!
This blanket is going to be a bit bigger than I first
envisioned but I am happy with it's progress!
Mr. Husband and I discussed it
and decided that we are hoping it will be my
baby nephew's Linus Blanket... :)
This of course means that it can be whatever size
it ends up being!
No yarn is complete without a bit on what one is reading...
I am still reading the book of letters
by Fr. John Krestiankin

The letters are quite varied as he is writing
to many different people who are seeking to better
navigate and live their lives.
Fr. John's love and wisdom was sought out by
many people from different walks of life and situations.
I love the following letter that seems to be written
to someone wondering about having an
occupation that involves creativity.
It seems that the person was wondering if this was OK...
Fr. John's answer is beautiful:
in part
create in the name of love for people 
and to do it for
the Glory of God... 
See the letter in three pictures below!



One of the aspects that I love about
Orthodoxy is that there is so much beauty.
Beauty will save the world.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
What are you creating? Reading?
How is beauty found in your world?
Yarn Along with us!


momto5 said...

nothing beats a baby blanket. love the colors you picked out.

Alisa said...

love the colors in your baby blanket!!

M. Emily said...

Watch a video on youtube for instructions on decreasing! That is where I go whenever I have a problem!

Also, I think that it is time for you to invest in a ball winder! ;) I have one and I really like it!

Joy said...

I am waiting for that one to return to the church library. Looks lovely!

elizabeth said...

Thanks All!

Joy - I hope you enjoy the book!