Friday, April 12, 2013

A quiet Friday evening with Mr. Husband (plus cute Cleo pictures!)

The cake is now finished...
We are dreaming of Pascha.
I told Mr. Husband that my hope is to do the following in Bright week:
~change out the Lenten icons for the Pascha icons of
Christ's Ressurection and Bright Friday's icon
~switch out the table cloth for my all white one
~use my Grandma's dishes that I use for Pascha
~change out the red lampadas for clear glass ones
I am dreaming of baking chocolate cookies for
Pascha again...
Mr. Husband is very practical and discussed taking
probiotics the week before to help
digestion when suddenly eating Festive Food...
Speaking of Mr. Husband,
he has this quirk of not wanting to get
rid of old tee-shirts...
so apparently one year he had one that was especially bad
and he wrote this ditty to his Mom and
gave it to her...
She mailed it back to him this year for his Birthday,
which has given us much amusement: 

Knowing that the shabbiness 
of my attire
In my Mother loathing dost
I decided this shirt to 
Her heart with rapture to
She'll probably throw it
in the fire. 
~ A Mr. Husband exclusive :)

Cleo the Cutest Cat Ever...

:) See, she knows it too! :)

In the past I made a lot of cookies
for Pascha...
We will see what I can do this coming time...
St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal
I got this book in January when I was visiting
my beloved Ottawa Parish...
I am starting this one now that I am doing reading the one
on St. Luke...
My husband is a little mad but over all not to bad
is what he just said to me
when I read him the above section about his shirt.
The other thing things he is saying are not mention-able on my blog...
he's a bit on the (non-offensively) scatological side... :)
Between you and me,
and him if he reads this post,
I do love his little poems :)
I am almost done with the pear section on my
baby blanket and
hope to make fried potatoes for lunch tomorrow...
What has your day been like today?


Martha said...

What a great poem...and on a shirt! I like his sense of humor, and his mother's for sending it back on his birthday. ♥ I keenly remember times when my mother ripped up my father's old shirts that had holes in them, to use as rags, and when he saw, he said "That was my favorite shirt!" Now, I find myself doing the same with my husband!!!

Mother4 said...

Love it!!!

Mary said...

I hadn't thought to take probiotics before breaking the fast. That is a very good idea!