Monday, April 08, 2013

Celebrating Mr. Husband

So last week I was strong enough
to make a cake for Mr. Husband's birthday!

Actually three cakes,
two to be layered into one cake and
brought to our far-away church
to celebrate Mr. Husband's birthday.
I just tripled the recipe
and baked them all at once.
Thankfully our oven is big enough to do this
much baking in!
Deep Chocolate Vegan Cake 
a Moosewood classic! 

I got these cute little candles
when still unmarried in Ottawa
and buying things that I knew that I would not
know where to get in my new world and life.

I miss Canada I must say!
So it was a bit of advance planning,
but I was so exited to have these little candles
for my love's birthday cake!

Cake tins that were a gift from a
beloved friend for my wedding.
Notice the Fry's cocoa powder?
I bring that from Ottawa too... 

Three cakes mixed up; they were so moist!
Recipe found here;
correction for glaze found here.
Note: the correction is not exactly what I was
told to do; I used 4 tbs of raspberry jam and 1 tbs water...

Mixed and baked for 27 minutes!
Very soft and spongy; tipped upside down when still warm
and so lines got on it.
BUT the glaze was so thick that one could not tell
by the time I was done!

1 lb bakers chocolate semi-sweet (vegan)

Used the whole small jar of this jam.

liquefied this for the pre-frosting glaze,
brushing it on...

Used the double boiler for the first time
to melt the chocolate!
Was instructed to have it simmering
not at a rolling boil.
Worked great.

Glaze but not frosting on.
Made it very raspberry!
I loved the tang with the rich chocolate! 

Church cake, all done.

Mr. Husband's
at home cake!

I made the table all pretty,
with the candles lit
(7 of them because he is perfect for me :) )
(as Mr. Husband says,
we can be nauseatingly precious at times :))

My card is the one with the flower on it.
An Elizabeth-original. 
A book on Distributism and Chesterton
that Mr. Husband wanted
and that I was happy to get for him...
I got him other books as well.
My heart swelled with happiness as I called him
to see his cake and for me to sing
Happy Birthday to him.
A long-awaited joy...


Michelle M. said...

How wonderful! Many years to Mr Husband! :)

Apseed said...

Happy *belated* Birthday to Mr. Husband!
These cakes look so delicious!! I like combination of chocolate and raspberry.

Maria said...

Very sweet.

I am intrigued to see an Easter lily on your table. When we were adopting our cats, the young vet told me that Easter lilies were poisonous to cats and that they could die from as little as a lick of a petal. I love to have lilies at Pascha, so this is bad news. But here you are with a lily, and Cleo is alive and well!