Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Oh bother: my blog email has been hacked :(

At least TWICE today
my blog email
roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT etc etc
has been used to send URLs to those who have written me there.
I got two of them in my box.
Any advice on what to do to stop this is most appreciated.


Anna said...

Oh dear - that happened to me last month. The first thing to do is change your password immediately to a good strong one. And check your security questions to see if anything has changed - best to change them as well. The experts recommend giving the wrong answers, as the correct answers to the kinds of questions asked are often unnervingly easy to find out! Hopefully it was a passing hacker-bot just trying to use your email to send out spam messages rather than specifically interested in your details. I've had no more trouble since changing my password. good luck!

Michelle M. said...

How frustrating! I'm so sorry!