Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Cloudy day, one foot in front of the other

I finished reading the book on St. Luke.
I have slowly been reading the book by
Fr. John that Mr. Husband and I were given.
It talks about accepting what we are given and submitting
in all things to the Lord.
The house I find is a continual battle for
organization and cleaning.
A constant and continual battle;
I have yet to learn to put things away right away
and keep things clean.
I am slowly working through paperwork.
I realized I lost the needle for the new scarf I was working on.
Part of the issue I have with my current situation is that I do not
have much space for paperwork
and because I do not have a spot for everything
it gets messy.
Add to that the fact that I don't yet put
things away immediately or deal
immediately with paperwork
it quickly gets out of control.
I have gotten some things done and
the table will be clean again soon....
One foot in front of the other...
I know that this is a struggle of many people...


Michelle M. said...

I am terrible with paperwork. I am actually planning to organize some papers tomorrow morning while David works on a project. We finished reading "Freckle Juice" by Judy Blume today :)

Athanasia said...

You may find helpful for home organization. She makes cleaning fun and is great with organizing ideas.

willfulmina said...

Oh no! I hope your knitting needle turns up.