Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes yes, sometimes no

I loved the flowers.
So... yesterday and the day before we went to evening
church services.
Both trips I felt a bit unwell.
So last night I was still feeling strange,
and like I was falling ill again.
So I stayed home from church today.
I was so hoping I was better.
Instead as a friend had wondered in the middle of my
being more busy and doing things...
if I was doing too much...
I guess I over-did it again.
I hope to have the strength to go to
presanctified this Wednesday.
This Lent has been unlike any other.

I just hope I get better soon.
I have some things I hope to do this summer
and it seems like I can never tell if I am really getting better...
This is the last week of Lent and I've been sick
for over 2 months now.
I continue to seek to think of things to be thankful every day.
One step at a time I guess...

1 comment:

Michelle M. said...

Elizabeth, I am with you! This Lent has hardly felt like Lent to me. With my pregnancy sickness and sick family members, we have missed so many services. I have not been to pre-sanctified once. :( I've also missed many Sundays. Evenings are very hard on me during this pregnancy, so I just haven't been able to go to church during that time of day. yesterday was by far the worst, and I am forcing myself to take it very easy today so that my body can heal and feel better.

I hope Holy Week will go well for you! Take it easy :)