Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunshine on a Saturday Morning

Happy to say the sunshine is still here!
Martha kindly let me know that I had forgotten the
baking soda in the Koek recipe!
Actually I had forgotten the baking powder too!
So do go back to the Koek recipe ~ it is now fixed!
We have more sugar now!
I do hope to bake again soon...
A few years ago when we had a great loss in
my church in Ottawa I made Koek
for the people who were going the longish drive
to the funeral;
my church had a Bukovinian tradition for
the Panakhydas ~ they would put honey jars
on the table with candles to 
symbolize/remind us of the 
sweetness of the Kingdom.

I really like it that Koek has honey in it;
to me it is such a comforting bread,
for normal times,
but also times of sorrow and grief.
I've been waking up early these days,
often just after 5 AM.
I know myself well enough to understand that
it is partly grief that is waking me up.
It was hard to not be able to be at my 
home parish in Ottawa for any of Lent this year.
I don't know that I can come for any of the Bright Season 
either and I am really homesick for my Ottawa;
for downtown; for the streets I saw daily;
for the walk to church.
I really miss walking to church.
It is really hard to change father-confessors,
especially when one was really close to one's 
Ottawa spiritual father.
I find myself wanting to look at my wedding picture book
of all the beautiful pictures.
I really miss everyone.
Yet my love for Mr. Husband continues to grow
and I am so grateful that I had my wedding in Ottawa
and that so many could come
and that my spiritual father could do many prayers at the wedding
and the homily.
It was a huge dream come true;
it was like Pascha.
How I miss it.
How much I long for the eternal Pascha with Christ,
where we can all be together again forever.
Lord please save us and bring us to Your Holy Pascha!


GretchenJoanna said...

"How much I long for the eternal Pascha with Christ,
where we can all be together again forever." true. Maranatha!

I am glad to have another chance to comment on the white-blossoming trees -- so lovely! Will you also wear white on Pascha?

elizabeth said...

the flowers are beautiful on the trees! :)

YES, I will wear white for Pascha! Do you as well? :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We still have sunshine too!

GretchenJoanna said...

I try to wear white, but usually the weather is still cold enough that I have a hard time putting together a white outfit that will keep me warm. Maybe it will be easier this year!