Friday, December 09, 2011

Back from Brampton

Flowers for the family for sympathy.

We were given flowers to put on the casket.

This was mine until one of my cousin's

little girls asked if she could trade with

me and so I did

and had a red tulip instead.

Very Dutch, tulips.

It will take a while for all this to sink in.

That I said goodbye to my Oma.

That my life will never be the same.

That I have gone from having my Oma

for almost 35 years

of my life

to the rest of my years on earth without her.


I am so glad I am Orthodox and know that

even now spiritually I am not disconnected from her

and that in Christ I am with her

and in church I will be as near to her and to heaven

as I can be.

I can't wait to have a panakhyda for her at my church

back in Ottawa.

I have prayed Akathists for her

and this has been very consoling.


Without this I don't know how one could really

have the comfort one needs in this time.


I miss my Oma.