Friday, December 02, 2011

Nativity Fast Day 5

Keeping up with numbers of the Nativity Fast

is proving hard;

so much going on right now.


No news on my Oma yet ...

don't know if she had surgery today;

with how health care in Ontario goes I am guessing

that if the surgery was not today

it may not be till Monday.

We are all inwardly standing still

waiting to see what will happen.


The two book in the picture above are

my Nativity reading for this year's

Nativity Fast/Lent.


I am almost totally packed for Michigan.

A friend from church is bringing me to the airport.

My Mom already had my future DV birthday presents

(I turn 35 DV Dec 29) and had wrapped them

so she brought them to Brampton so

that there will not be problems flying home

back to Ottawa

with them,

since now airports have the 'right' to unwrap gifts.


I am very blessed with all the love and support

from everyone.

Thank you.


Let's keep Noah and Mat. Anna in our prayers.

Lord help and comfort us all.


Sarah in Indiana said...

What does DV stand for?

elizabeth said...

DV is latin for Lord Willing... :)

beach babies said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I totally forgot about my Winter Pascha book!!! Man, am I losing it! I'm glad I checked in over here to remind me!!!!!