Friday, December 23, 2011

Noah - desperate shape

from FB via Noah's Mom Kate:

Noah is sicker. He has more edema (swelling) and now has fluid in his lungs. He's vomiting and appears to be in pain. He is doing a little "barking" with each breath because his vocal cords are apparently starting to swell. We've just now jumped his pain meds up quite a bit, and phenergan, ativan, and lasix are coming. (The first two are for the nausea and the lasix should help him pee off some of this fluid.) We can and will get oxygen delivered if needed. The hospice nurse is here now and Dr. B will be coming over at some point. Dr. B is trying hard (please pray) to find a way to get him blood and/or platelets here locally - if Noah needs to be transfused (and he will soon at this rate), we can't drag him an hour and a half to Greenville to do so. We have a fairly large regional hospital a few minutes away, but they've refused to transfuse Noah even when he was healthy - they say his "needs are too overwhelming." I can't stand the thought of losing him if blood could help him get over this crisis, so please pray that we can work this out. He really can't be woken or roused at this point - may open his eyes if he vomits or retches, and has nodded his head in response to questions a few times, but then is immediately back out. ANYONE local who wants to come sit in the living room and pray is MORE than welcome - just come right in - you don't need to call or knock.


Matushka Anna said...

Thank you SO much for posting this update. I'll break blogging silence just to let people know on my own blog.

Lord have mercy!!

margaret said...

Lord have mercy. I'm appalled beyond words that the local hospital will let them go through this. Poor, poor Kate.

I am LOVD said...

Elizabeth, I saw you on Lisa Leonard's site and wanted to pay a visit and say hello. I'm an Eastern Orthodox Christian and will be celebrating Christmas #1 in a couple of days, Christmas #2, Jan. 7.

As I peeked in to your blog world I can see desperation for little Noah. Although I do not know him personally, I do know children and will be praying for little Noah. I hope his pain is lessened and his light is bright as he either remains in this world or is promoted to another. God Bless.

DebD said...

this is heartbreaking... Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. Lord have mercy upon Thy child, Noah.