Friday, December 23, 2011

Sights Seen

A small picture tour of what my

library friend and I saw on

the first half of our walks...

Outside of the NAC (National Arts Centre)

... there is always music playing

by this piano man

(speakers above not pictured)...

Entering the beautiful part of Ottawa...

I live about a 15 to 20 minute walk from this...

My first real library job

was about a mile down the street from here...

and was part of my falling in love with Ottawa...

The Chateau Laurier.

Beautifully kept up and very good food

and high tea.

Also quite costly so only a place I visit to look

at their historical photographs;

years ago when I had a good job and did not take a vacation

I went there with a friend who came to visit me

for high tea.

It was really lovely.

One of the hallways there...

Picture taken from an enclosed crosswalk

looking towards the Parliament buildings,

the Chateau being in the right hand corner...

I wish for a Canada of old more than what it is turning

into now but I still do love

Canada very much...


It was really nice to show my friend the Ottawa that

I know and love!


Anastasia said...

Beautiful photos! Such a beautiful place! I hope and pray that someday I get to visit Canada and meet you in person dear Elizabeth! May you have a Blessed Christmas!!! Christ is born, Glorify Him!!!!!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

(The other Anastasia here...)

One summer when our air conditioning wasn't able to keep up with the intense heat here, we looked on a map to see which Canadian city was nearest us. It was Ottawa, and we fled there. We loved everything about it, and spent 4 wonderful days. Hope to come back again.