Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reflections and Rememberance

Reflections about my Oma

Part I

It's funny how you can know that

you are hearing the end of one's story.

My Oma surprised everyone

earlier this year

by going with at least 4 or 5 of her 8 children to Perry Sound;

I knew somehow she was her last acts of love

for her children.

She never stopped knitting.

She finished those 7 scarves and

gave them to my Mom to give to us.

After we said goodnight she told my Aunt

that she was going to finish up the slippers

she was knitting before going to bed.

Within an hour of finishing those

last slippers

a shade of purple with a lot of red in it,

yellow knit on top of them,

she fell.

While they were waiting for the ambulance and she was

in bed, one of my Aunts called from the room

by my Oma's bed,

to my other Aunt (the oldest who is in her late 70's)

in Michigan to tell her

that Mom fell and would you like to talk to her

and so they did and my Oma told her oldest

daughter not to worry about her

that she would be fine

and that she should go to bed.

Mother to the end to her grown children,

that is my Oma.

The last conversation my MI Aunt, the oldest daughter,

ever had with her Mother.

My Mom would often go once a year to Brampton

when I was young and would eagerly wait

my Mom's return

to see what my Oma gave her for us.

Knitted slippers, socks, mittens, hats;

small blankets,

doilies, little booties for babies, tea cozies...

At home I still have a lovely edition of the book

beauty and the beast

that my Oma gave me and she used to send all of us

cards for our birthdays.

With 8 children,

at least 25 grandchildren and well-over 10 great grandchildren

not to mention some

great-great grandchildren

this is a lot of people.

My Oma stopped some years back but when I was a child

I always got a card from her.

I have one from just a few years back

when my family went to Brampton for Christmas.

I have a lot more to write about my Oma

who grew up in Holland on a farm

and was faithful to her Lord,

our Saviour Jesus Christ.

She would ask me from time to time

to make sure I was still trusting in God for everything,

praying and reading my Bible.


I really appreciate each of you;

your words, love, encouragement and prayers

for my Oma, my family and myself

are a real blessing.


I seek to remain thankful,

for our God,

for each of you,

for my family and

for my Oma.


E Helena E said...

Dear Elizabeth, that is a beautiful tribute to your Oma.
Memory Eternal!

Sarah Euphemia said...

She sounds like a wonderful lady! May her memory be eternal.

Victoria said...

that's a beautifully written homage to your Oma. You were truly blessed in her.