Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Oma: Part II - Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple

The Theotokos, when she was three years old after the flesh, was led to the Lord; and Zacharias, the priest of God, received her in the temple with rejoicing and established her there.


My Oma was taken to heaven on the morning of the

feast of the entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple.

I had a ride to an old calendar church

that day

after sitting outside my parent's door as I knew

that a phone call at 7 in the morning meant

that my Oma had died.

When I was in the car riding to church

I realized that my Oma had been taken

on this feast day of the

Mother of God.

I told the priest about my Oma's death

before the service

and he commented about the Mother of God

taking my Oma home

and how he has seen icons of this feast

where it looks almost like the


at three years old

is skipping up the steps of the temple.

I found this incredibly comforting;

that the Mother of God had taken my Oma

on her feast day,

a day of entrances.

It must of been hard for St. Joachim and Anna to

let there child go.

But how wonderful that the Mother of God

came to the temple;

that she was prepared to bear Christ

the Saviour of the world.

I had never really noticed this feast in such a deep

way as the day my Oma died

and the Mother of God took her...


Today the living Temple of the holy glory of Christ our God,

she who alone among women is pure and blessed,

is offered in the temple of the Law,

that she may make her dwelling in the sanctuary.

Joachim and Anna rejoice with her in spirit,

and choirs of virgins sing to the Lord,

chanting psalms and honouring His Mother.


Some years back, when I was a couple months

from becoming at catachumen

I was at my Oma's for Christmas;

I think she turned 95 that year.

And late that night I remember thinking

very strongly of my Oma as a Mother

and the Mother of God.

Now I realize how much the Mother of God was present

in my life and especially during that time;

my Oma bore and raised 8 children;

Somehow I know that my Oma is close to

the Mother of God...

Anna, the all-blessed cried out rejoicing:

'O Zacharias, take her whom the prophets of God

proclaimed in the Spirit, and

lead her into the holy temple,

there to be brought up in reverence,

that she may become the divine Throne of the

Master of all,

His Palace, His resting place,

and His dwelling filled with light.

My Oma died on this feast and

was buried on the feast's leave-taking.


May the Mother of God always protect my

Oma Grace...

(all quotes in italics are from

The Festal Menaion for this feast)

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