Friday, December 23, 2011

Continued Prayers Needed

Talked to my Grandma Ruth today.

She was in a lot of pain yesterday

but is doing a bit better today.

She is on pain killers

and still sounds very tired.

Please continue to pray for her



And of course we are all keeping vigil for

young precious Noah...

Here's the lastest update from his Mother Kate:

Noah is very gravely sick. He is a little better than he was earlier -
this afternoon both lungs were filling with fluid and he was not
responding to lasix - was barely peeing at all, in fact. A second dose
of lasix opened the floodgates and his lungs are much better, but
we've been cautioned that this not reason to get our hopes up too
much. This could go either way right now. He could recover or he could
have only a day or two - and anything in between. We've been
surrounded and blessed by the presence of people we love quietly
streaming in and out of the house to pray and just to sit. Perhaps the
greatest blessing of the day is that this afternoon Noah surprised us
all by waking up enough to open his present from Mommy and Daddy and
his present from his brother David. It took all he had, but he did it.
Thank you all for your continued prayers.


Matushka Anna said...

Continuing to lift all of them in prayer.

Anastasia said...

Continuos prayers for little Noah and the entire family. Lord have mercy and may Your will be done.