Monday, December 12, 2011


I am home

back from Michigan

from my Oma.


Read this post -

and saw this youtube video - Advent Conspiracy

and I think of all those who do not have

what I have.

A warm place to live;

excess food;

a loving family

even the gift of seeing my Oma one last time

and being able to go to her funeral and

see my family

lots of family

since my Mom is the youngest of 8 children

and then we did a small Christmas exchange;

small as we don't spend big money at Christmas;

we re-gift, get things a thrift stores and

give small gifts like a box or two of tea

but still.

When I think of those for often

sad inexplicable horrible


are without family

without warmth

without Omas to knit a last scarf

without homes

and I wonder so many things;

how to prioritize my life

how I can job search

and all the rest but still

remember what the main things are:

The Holy Trinity




those who are in need...

It's not simple

but yet it is simple;

to learn to not be self-absorbed;

to repent

to learn to love

to look to Christ.

Lord help us.


Janelle thegeekywife said...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Wise words.
Sending love and hugs winging across the ocean to you and Cleo....

Michelle M. said...

Thanks for perspective. I am glad you are home safe. Prayers.